Golf Drills to Get Over the Hump

Are you stuck in a proverbial rut? Can’t seem to improve your golf score, no matter how much you hit the driving range or replay the same course? Maybe it’s time to revisit the fundamentals and hone your golf game by exposing any flaws you may have in your swing or shot selection by trying some golf drills out. Anyone can try these golf drills and improve their game; it just takes a bit of hard work and dedication. You can do it!

Bunker-busting drill

Bunkers can be a real nightmare for most amateur golfers, but they don’t have to be. We tend to over think our bunker shots and end up settling for anything after failing to get out of them multiple times. They can really do your head-in if you let them, or they can be turned into an opportunity if you put in enough practice, flipping the odds in your favor on the right course.

One way of going about getting a good feel for bunker shots is by doing a one-handed drill that relies on your ability to feel the resistance of different lies in the sand, using mainly your wrist. If you get used to cutting in various depths of sand, then you will have less mistakes ending in complete over/undershot, resulting in a waste of a stroke. Practicing this drill with one-hand forces you to correct the slightest variations to get the ball out of the sand, rather than just powering your way through it, as per usual.

Perfect your arch

A good way to keep your swing in-line and reducing the habit of over-swinging and being too loose, overall, is to create a mini obstacle course that will force you to alter your trajectory. You can do this drill pretty easily by simply marking a straight line, that will be your target, and placing a ball in the path of your trajectory a few feet back that you must not come into contact with. This will tighten your swing and force you to use your upper body more, causing your swings to deliver more power.

If you’ve been a golfer for a long time now, it will still bring enormous benefit to revisit some golf swing plane training aids, as even if you know what the fundamentals are; it is easy for your form to become too relaxed or less consistent than a golf swing for beginners with drills.